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Our services


What we can do for you:

- Advise you on your consumer rights in the event of a dispute with a company based in another European country;

- Ask our counterpart centre in the country of the trader to contact the trader on your behalf and try to find a solution to your complaint.

- Advise you on further action if an amicable solution is not possible – for example, on out-of-court settlements, the European small claims procedure (for claims under €2000), or other legal action

- Handle your complaint (against a trader based in another EU country, Norway or Iceland) provided that EU law applies to your contract..

What we cannot do:

- Force traders to take action: we rely on persuasion

- Be your legal representative (e.g. in court)

- Handle your consumer complaint if the trader is based in your own home country.

- Intervene if the trader is based outside the EU (e.g. in the US or China)

- Handle your complaint if you are not a resident of Portugal (if you are based in another European country, please contact your local Centre).

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